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Chiropractic Patient Educational DVDs - Posters - Products: Encourage Exercise Compliance


Develop a chiropractic fitness profit center within an existing practice.

Our patient education dvds and posters can be utilized in the office or as a safe, effective, patient home exercise program. The exercise routines help patients enhance posture, stabilize the core musculature, enhance structural integrity and promote joint mobility. Simple & suitable for all patient fitness levels.

Use our patient educational dvds and posters to encourage exercise compliance or incorporate them as part of a comprehensive evaluation.

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The most comprehensive guide ever published on this topic.

Creating a Fitness & Wellness Profit Center provides chiropractors with detailed, step-by-step information and advice on implementing fitness and wellness in their practices. The book contains more than 300 pages outlining the many options for developing a fitness and wellness profit center within an existing chiropractic practice.

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Provide your patients with access to the best possible fitness instruction.

Sport and exercise educational courses designed to assist the chiropractor and staff in prescribing exercise for the average patient population. Step-by-step exercise protocol you can put into immediate use on Monday morning. Format - home study seminar makes it affordable and convenient. Courses provide demonstrations for over 150 corrective and basic and intermediate exercises.

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The Chiropractic Patient Educational DVDs and Posters were developed by Gina Piazza, CEO of GMP Fitness.

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